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BetaTesting: a portal for testing mobile applications

BetaTesting: a portal for testing mobile applications

The Belgian application developer, AppSolution, is launching Betatesting, a new service launched in Belgium which will allow any smartphone owner to register for free and receive test applications before they are offered to the general public.

Remember: during the development of the iOS application dedicated to the National Lottery, AppSolution had proposed to the members of the Belgium-iPhone forum the privilege of being able to test this future app ’and this, in preview! Aim of the process: thanks to the many relevant opinions collected, the Belgian developer was able to refine the development of the application, which was soon found on the App Store.

With BetaTesting, AppSolution wants to take it a step further. Indeed, thanks to the new portal set up, it's a community of people who now have the opportunity to test and discover applications, before anyone else, before their availability on the App Store. “Thanks to your feedback, Appsolution will be able to improve them and bring ever more efficient and useful applications to the market”, explains Jean-Paul de Ville, C.E.O of AppSolution.

Finally, if the catalog is currently scarce, AppSolution warns that lots of applications will soon be offered, including games to download and test.

The BetaTesting portal.

We discuss it on the forum.