Best VPN for Netflix

Netflix works over VPN? Yes, Netflix works with VPN but not all VPN services! It only works on a few VPNs. In this article, we are going to review the best Netflix VPN 2017/2018.

Netflix is ​​legally available in over 200 countries around the world, with a wide array of TV shows and movies to offer, but there’s a problem with that, and it’s that the global catalog is far from. the offer that Netflix users in the United States have, which is the most complete and varied of the streaming platform. For this reason, many users ended up using a VPN to simulate Netflix browsing in the United States, in order to experience the full Netflix experience.

Why does Netflix not work with many VPNs?

Before it became a global sensation, Netflix had a more flexible view on the use of VPNs. Once it started its global expansion, the service started blocking and continuing to use VPNs. Some of the more popular free vpns that don’t work with netflix are TunnelBear, Tor Guard, or HMA. In a constant battle, Netflix ended up winning the war against these VPNs, which ditched the various lockdown methods that put the platform in place. However, there are some who are constantly changing their methods to keep working.

So even though the following VPNs do work (at least for this writing of this post), they may have some downtime to implement solutions that display content from the US Netflix catalog. At European level, a new law has been adopted which allows users to purchase the subscription in the country they want and that the content offered throughout Europe is the same. I’m sure these apps help you overcome the netp vpn ban.

Blocking is typically done on networks or IP addresses, and to counter the VPN looking for new IPs and networks that are not blocked by Netflix. So you can use Netflix via vpn. If they fail to find a new network after it blocks an old one, they will produce in-service drops which means Netflix will not work.

Best VPN for Netflix

The main reason for using VPN for netflix is ​​to unblock content and remove country restrictions on netflix. We are starting our selection of Netflix VPN services that help you use VPN together with Netflix.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs, and it still battles Netflix. This is done across a large network and a wide range of IP addresses, making it difficult to block a range of service IP addresses. At the same time, they also offer good download speed, something very important if you want to watch content in HD and even 4K. The cost of this VPN is $ 6.67 per month, including three free months if the purchased plan is 15 months. They include the money within 30 days.

2. NordVPN

Another reliable service for using Netflix is ​​NordVPN, with a network of over 1,000 nodes in 50 countries, and a wide range of virtual locations to make it harder for Netflix to block more IP addresses. If you buy the service for a year, the price of NordVPN is $ 5.75 per month

3. PureVPN

First of all I am a purevpn user, I have been using it for the last month. My personal reflection on using Netflix with this VPN is just wow !. Over 750 servers in 140 countries around the world. This makes pureVPN one of the greatest VPNs of all time. However, this vpn costs a little more than the others $ 9.95 / month , but, you will love this VPN service because of its high speed servers. On their order page you will find the offer ” 2 year subscription for the price of $ 58.8 ” if you divide the price for how much is per month? Only $ 2.45 per month and this offer is still live, so grab it before it expires. You can use his Netflix US VPN serverto unblock content on Netflix and capable of unlimited streaming including 4K content without buffering. If you feel free, take a look at our purevpn review.

These VPNs allow you to watch American Netflix on a computer (netflix usa vpn). If you want to use it on a smart TV, you have to redirect the VPN through the router, and even then the TV might be regionally locked, so the best you can do is use a connected computer or monitor. of TV. Another option is to use a proxy, but these usually do not encrypt traffic, which in many cases may not work.

How to watch Netflix with VPN

You should choose one of the VPNs for Netflix from our list, and subscribe to their services. And download the vpn app to your PC, Smart Tv or Smartphone, then install it. And finally, select the location of the server you want to watch for example; If you want to watch US movies and series on Netflix, you need to choose the VPN server which is in the US and start using netflix with vpn.

So what do you think of Netflix’s approach to VPNs? Do you think it’s fair on their part or maybe they should relax a bit? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below!