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Best Traffic Apps for Android

Best Traffic Apps for Android

It doesn't matter if you drive your car during your daily activities or go on a trip with family or friends, you don't want to be trapped in traffic. One of the best ways to avoid it is to have a reliable application. Android devices have made it easier to transport people over the Internet. You can use your Android device to locate your destination, hire a taxi, book train / bus tickets, etc. These applications use your device's GPS chip to provide you with information about your journey. But there are a lot of people in the traffic who usually waste most of their precious time. There are many traffic applications that give you real-time information on traffic in this area and provide another route. If you're looking for the best traffic apps for Android, check out the content below.

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Best Traffic Apps for Android

Google Maps

It is the best traffic app for Android developed by Google Incorporation. It covers the maps of more than 200 countries with different shops and places marked on the map. This application provides real-time traffic updates and status, as well as another route. This feature allows you to save time and reach your destination time. You can also explore local restaurants, hotels, shops and the market using the app.

Download Google Maps


Waze is one of the most reliable traffic apps in the world. It's free to use the app and has over a million downloads from the Google Play Store. It provides information on real-time road traffic, construction and accidents. It also provides an alternative route with an estimated period. You can also use Waze to listen to your favorite tunes while driving. This application receives regular updates, which makes it more convenient to use.

Download Waze

Route search

It is one of the best traffic apps when it comes to finding a fast route. It is developed by the virtual labyrinth and is free to use the application. You can use this app to locate a destination via an accurate GPS tracker. In addition, you can use it to find quick routes by viewing traffic lights, speed cameras and page lights.

Download Itinerary search


Inrix is ​​a good traffic app with some decent features. This app provides real-time traffic information, construction safety alerts, hazards, accidents, and weather updates that may slow your trip. You can also report accidents that may help other drivers.

Download Inrix


MapQuest is free to use a traffic application using GPS to obtain information on maps, routes and traffic. It provides satellite images, maps, voice navigation, real-time traffic updates and real-time traffic cameras to view your driving conditions.

Download MapQuest


Sygic is the most downloaded GPS navigation application in the world. The best feature that makes it number one is the offline navigation feature. This application receives a regular update several times a year and for free.

Download Sygic


It is free to use the traffic app which offers some interesting features for your trip. You can use this app to navigate the city by finding the fastest routes, turn-by-turn navigation and finding local places. You can also get a public transportation facility using this app.

Download HERE WeGo