Best PC games 2018: the best PC games to play in 2018

In fact, in a console world dominated by Sony and dominated by Microsoft, you might think that the concept of playing a game at your desk is just a distant memory, but it certainly isn’t. Oh no, PC gaming is as big as ever, and there is a fantastic selection of games to choose from in 2018.

And there are a lot of great titles to wrap your head too. From the nighttime phenomenon that is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to the decade of strong titles like Battlefield, there’s no better time to kick off that dusty old PC.

But, what are the best PC games you can play in 2018? Now, after some heated debate in the Expert Reviews Bureau, we’ve compiled a shortlist of our ten best PC games 2018 has to offer, covering all genres and tastes. Let’s go !!!

This guide is regularly updated, so check back often to see if the latest game is on the list.

Best FPS games: Best shooting games of 2018

1. Fortnite Battle Royale – Get Fornite Battle Royale for free

Okay, not quite a first person shooter, but this third person shooter is action packed and took off like a glider – pun intended. Much like PUBG (below), and HZ1Z before he who started the whole Battle Royale scene, but he died a quick death. Fortnite is a magnificent visual shooter, where your goal is to survive as long as possible. The ultimate goal is to be the last to survive among 100 other players.

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2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Buy Now on G2A

Unsurprisingly, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the best PC game of 2018. You’ve certainly heard of it, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or PUBG for short – is a Battle Royale-style multiplayer shooter, in which you get trapped on an island and get stuck in. are faced in a fight to the death. The last man (or the last team) standing wins. It’s simple, fairly easy to play and play with friends, and it delivers some jaw-dropping gaming experiences that no other game has brought before.

3. Overwatch – Buy now on G2A

Okay, that was also very obvious. In the same vein as Team Fortress 2 and just as addicting, Overwatch is one of the most addicting games of the year. You will spend most of your free time there, playing one more game at a time. With a unique roster of playable characters and classes, Overwatch is another example of Blizzard’s wonderful work, and is one of the best competitive multiplayer shooters we’ve seen in recent years.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Buy Now on G2A

CS: GO is the greatest eSports FPS game ever. This incredibly complex shooter takes a lot of skill and is not for the faint hearted. With a steep learning curve and the utmost importance of having the fastest monitor, the best mouse, and the best graphics card, there’s more than what comes to mind. It’s not the most visually appealing game out there, but if you want to test your reactions and climb the ranks, CS: GO should be your go-to game.

5. Battlefield 1 – Buy now on G2A

Battlefield 1 was released in late 2016 and was a major success. Two years later, the game remains one of the most popular games. This first person shooter game has a theme around WWI, so expect old school guns, planes and tanks. Available in single player or multiplayer mode, the game can be played without an internet connection. However, Battlefield games have always been centered around the broad multiplayer elements, and playing a 64-player map is absolutely amazing. Get up on the battlefield, soldier!

6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege – Buy Now on G2A

Rainbow Six: Siege by Tom Clancy, also known as “R6” is a tactical shooter. Featured in eSports, the game requires a lot of patience and timing. Indeed, you are defending or attacking a point, where you must carry out a “siege”. The game looks easy on paper, but in practice it’s much more difficult – if you think you have what it takes to be a Special Operator then you should dive into R6.

7. Doom – Buy now on G2A

Let’s face it, Bethesda had a pretty tough job re-imagining the 1993 original – and it managed to do a cracking job at getting back to one of the pioneers of the shooter genre. Of course, there’s not much of a plot in this year’s Doom, but the combat mechanics are so finely tuned that it’s one of the most exhilarating experiences of this year. We can’t say much about multiplayer – it doesn’t quite match the original – so it’s best to stick with the long single-player, filled with classic villains and high-paced shooter combat. Oh, and the soundtrack is awesome too.

8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Buy now on G2A

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is one of the best third-person RPG shooters, if not the best. The world is incredibly rich and detailed with the game expanding the back story frequently as you progress further through the campaign. The shooting mechanics aren’t the best, but Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is pretty much the full package and a must-have for fans of the franchise.

9. Wolfenstein 2 – Buy now at instant gaming

Yes, another Bethesda game on this list. Taking the original on an alternate reality filled with Nazi occupation, Wolfenstein 2 steps the dreadful one up a notch – the Nazis have invaded the United States. Filled with the same frenzied shootout as before, Wolfenstein 2 is a shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is an absolute blast.

Best Adventure Role-Playing Games: The Best Games For Exploring And Solving Puzzles Of 2018

1. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) – Buy now on G2A

An open world strategy / game section wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the GTA series. GTA 5 (or V) is one of the best games Rockstar has ever made, and it’s also one of the most popular. Released in 2015, this game still performs well with new online modes and editions launching in 2018. If you’re looking to complete quests or just ride with your team, there is no better game than GTA 5.

2. Middle Earth: Shadow of War – Buy now on G2A

Lord of the Rings is so hot right now. With the announcement that a TV show is underway, there’s no better time to revisit Tolkien’s world, so it’s a good thing there is a new game on Middle-earth at to explore. Reinforcing last year’s Nemesis system, which saw you disembark orcs and disrupt the military hierarchy, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is one of the deepest and richest action games ever that you will play all year round. Now where’s my grog?

If you loved the original Assassin’s Creed games, then you’ll love Ubisoft’s latest installment. Origins, takes place in Egypt between 49-47 BC. AD and takes into account real events that took place during this period. From gameplay to visuals, this is one of the best action-adventure games ever made. It’s like we can’t get better from previous Assasin’s Creed games, and yet the developers surprise us every year.