Best Movies & Series Streaming Sites in 2020

There was a time when I had to either go to the movies to watch movies or buy them at the store. I’m not saying I regretted those moments, but I’m grateful that I have more choice now thanks to the convenience of watching movies from the comfort of my sofa.

There are many streaming websites these days where one can watch cool movies, but not all of them are trustworthy and some of them do not have legal permission for the content they are posting. .

Today’s article brings you a list of the most credible online sources where you can stream and download (in some cases) movies and movies. streaming series of different kinds and different qualities from different periods.

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1. OCS

The OCS on-demand streaming platform is the first competitor of French Netflix, which allows subscribers to watch their films and series online through the application. The app can be used not only on Android and iOS mobile devices, but also on computers and Smart TVs. Not only can the entire OCS catalog be replay, but it can also be serially released with the United States. Handy for big fans of HBO series, such as “The Maid’s Story” or “The Walking Dead”.

It is possible to subscribe to OCS by going directly to the OCS site. Two rates are available:

€ 9.99 / month (2 screens simultaneously) – € 11.99 / month (3 screens simultaneously). 7 day free trial.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Although Prime Video being a relatively new player in the market compared to services like Netflix, it already has an impressive catalog of original and third-party content.

Amazon has upped the stakes in recent years. They have invested heavily in producing original content for their subscribers. The result is spellbinding shows like Jack Ryan by Tom Clancy, The Man in The High Castle, and many more that will hook you instantly.

The Amazon Prime subscription costs € 5.99 per month and € 49 per year, which is cheaper than its competitors. Along with having access to movies, TV shows, and stand-ups, you’ll also have access to Amazon Prime Music, a music streaming service like Spotify.

You can stream Amazon Prime Video content from your desktop or laptop computer through the website.

There is also an app for iOS and for Android.

3. Netflix

Netflix remains the best streaming service. As you probably know, it offers unlimited streaming of original TV shows, movies, comedy shows and programs. You can even create up to four different profiles on one account to make sure your favorite content doesn’t ruin recommendations for friends and family.

No other service has yet given Netflix an honest report on quality in terms of selection, quality, and consistency of performance. Recently, it has been easy to see Netflix moving away from its original business model of distributing films and shows from other studios, in favor of those originals above. But as these shows and movies get better and better.

Netflix has several subscription plans that range from € 7.99 per month to € 15.99 per month for their premium plan.

4. Disney Plus

As a testament to Disney’s franchise and branding power, it’s probably the easiest streaming service to explain. This is where you go to watch movies and shows in the Marvel and Star Wars universes, as well as Disney and Pixar movies.

It’s a strong ongoing competitor to the family-friendly streaming service, and the Disney package costs $ 6.99 per month and $ 69.99 per year, which is cheaper than most other monthly streaming services. Disney Plus also offers a 7-day free trial.

5. Apple TV +

Apple TV + does not offer programs that it has not created itself, which quickly limits the choice of users. At first glance, the volume of content seems a bit light compared to the competition, it remains to be seen what this is worth in terms of quality.

The catalog currently includes 21 original series and films. Among them : See (a dystopian series by the director of The Hunger Games), The Morning Show (a drama with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston), Servant (a thriller produced by M. Night Shyamalan), For All Mankind (a space drama by Ron Moore).

All this for a monthly fee of € 4.99 and a free 7-day trial will be offered to you when you register.

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Nowadays, the competition among online video streaming service providers has increased dramatically. A video streaming service generally becomes popular for its unique features and facilities on offer. The free service and the paid service do not offer the same quality and ease. Either way, it’s finally up to you to decide which one you need. Hope this content helps you find the best streaming platforms for you.

All of these streaming services offer free trials so you can try them out before making your choice.