Best instant messaging apps for Android

Best instant messaging apps for Android

Lots of instant messaging apps for Android are available these days, and all of them have something different to offer users. You can use all of these messaging apps to chat for free with friends, family and loved ones. Here is a list of the best instant messaging apps for Android that you can install on your device to stay connected with your close and dear friends all the time.

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Best instant messaging apps for Android


This is the official Facebook instant messaging application that comes with a neat and clean interface and is very easy to use. Free calls, photo sharing, emojis, stickers, voice recordings, etc. are the features offered in this application. You will be automatically connected to all of your Facebook contacts. In addition, you can send messages from friends other than Facebook through this application using their phone number.


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It is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for Android that is used by most people around the world. The video call is the main feature of this application, but the instant messaging functionality is also there to allow you to chat with others. Features like group chat, emojis, media sharing, etc. are available in the chat section. But to add friends on Skype, you need to know their Skype ID. In addition, you can make low-cost international calls by adding a Skype credit.


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WhatsApp is the most popular of all and those who have a Smartphone will definitely have WhatsApp installed. This app is popular mainly due to the simplicity. All your contacts will be added automatically in Whatsapp. Messages, group messages, sharing media, stickers, emojis etc. are offered in this app. In addition, users can make free calls to the added contacts via WhatsApp.


Instant messaging apps for Android

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Google Hangouts is a very useful application that combines both SMS and instant messaging services. Other than SMS and IM, users can make voice calls and other video calls through this application. And it must be said that the video call quality of this application is much better than that of Skype. This app is integrated with Google+, so you can better use it.

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This application can be called as a good alternative for the Facebook Messenger application which offers many interesting features other than instant messaging. There are many options available from which to choose, and if you are not able to choose which instant messaging app to take, this one will be a good choice.


LINE is a very popular instant messaging application in Asia, and its popularity is spreading worldwide. You will be able to understand the real pleasure of chatting while using this fun messaging app. Packed with so many stickers, online cartoons, various fun characters, etc., this app is amazing for young people.


Instant messaging apps for Android

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Tango comes with many instant messaging, chat, group chat, video calling, media sharing, and more. the addition of various news channels is another attraction. You don't need to add the contacts manually, but rather find the friends in the contact list, but the person should use Tango to appear in the list. Mid-call-mini is an interesting game in this application which makes it different from other similar applications.


Those who like to use as many stickers as possible, Viber is just perfect for them. Although the instant messaging service is the main thing in this application, but it ranks well in the sticker market. Voicemail is also offered in Viber. However, you will not be able to enjoy video calls. Viber out is similar to Skype Credit because you can make calls to people even if they don't use this service.


It is a startup service that is becoming very popular. Instant messaging, video messaging, photo sharing, etc. are the features offered in this application. But those who are really concerned about security might be looking for another option for instant messaging.


Instant messaging apps for Android

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BBM is primarily the BlackBerry service that recently made its way onto the Android platform. It offers the features that are available in most similar apps, but the best part of this app is that it allows you to choose the person who will send you a message.

So here are the best 10 instant messaging apps for Android, you can use any of them to keep in touch with the dear ones.