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Best Fighting Games on Android: The Way of the Warrior

Best Fighting Games on Android: The Way of the Warrior

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Ah, the simple pleasures of the fighting game: two staunch opponents fighting over and fighting for supremacy, usually using fireballs, flying kicks and other whimsical forms of ass kicking along the way. such as Street Fighter and Tekken are now strutting around the Android line, but which mobile hunter really holds sway? Let's take a look at the best!

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition wins title

Capcom's Street Fighter series has been an iconic fighting game since the early 1990s, and the mobile offering of the venerable franchise should not. Street Fighter IV undergoes a graphical port downgrade compared to the PC and console, but the good news is that the sophisticated combat system remains intact, with all the characters and movements you know from the big screen.

The game defaults to a virtual gamepad on the screen (although you can add your own controller), and Street Fighter veterans will find what they are looking for, like Ryu's worn red gloves, but there are also an optional button intended only for special movements, in order to facilitate the task of those who find touch controls difficult to operate.

Unlike most fighting games on mobile, there is no connection for daily rewards, no grinding of in-game currencies to improve the performance of your fighters, no random unlocking of characters, movements or functionalities.

The free version of the game is like an old school demo, where you can play as Ryu against three classic characters. A one-time purchase of $ 5 in the app unlocks all other fighters and various game modes, including understood the arcade, survival and online.

Overall, the successful portability of Street Fighter mechanics and the lack of paying BS to win this game up against prettier but more predatory offers. $ 5 for a fair fight every time is well worth it.

Slightly frustrating, the game is only online, even if you're playing solo, and even after paying, but as long as you have Wi-Fi, it's the most satisfying fighting game on mobile. Tip: start the game over Wi-Fi and you should still be able to end the arcade mode solo even after your signal drops.

  • Application version:1.00.01
  • compatibility:Android 4.4 and above
  • Price:free demo, in-app purchase of $ 5 for the full version

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Shadow Fight 3: weapons above the muscles

The Shadow Fight series is not a port of more traditional gaming platforms, but was developed natively for the mobile. Although the previous titles of the series had battles between black characters almost without particularities, Shadow Fight 3 highlights all the action and looks good by doing it.

Instead of the traditional list of similar games, you get a character that you customize with his equipment: armor, bullets and missile weapons. The equipment is linked to one of the following three factions: The Legion (European theme medieval ), the Dynasty (Chinese Wuxia) and the Heralds (Techno-samura influenced by anime).

The ability to mix and match equipment from different factions and to select different special moves gives you enough variety so you don't miss choosing different characters – each combination requires different tactics.

Shadow Fight 3 plays with surprising depth, with precise controls via a virtual joystick and restricted movements requiring a suitable shape and timing to succeed. You will have to learn the door, the speed and the power of your weapon compared to your Counter attacks and knockdowns are common, and in fair fighting it looks like a 2D version of Soul Calibur on your phone.

But unfortunately, fair fights in Shadow Fight 3 are rare. Your essential equipment has statistics which must be upgraded by exploiting various game currencies, obtained by playing in its story mode, its side missions or its “against” duels (opponents The missions of the story are distributed piecemeal, and duels often pit you against opponents with higher statistics than you.

The result is that the player will often find themselves at a disadvantage in combat – opposing an opponent who will inflict more damage and take less. The skill of the player can help mitigate this – and I must admit that there is great satisfaction this that we give the unfaithful buttocks comfortable. However, this game will continually hit you on the ground to make you spend real money on in-game money, before spending it on “boosters” of random equipment cards.

It's a shame, because the controls and mechanisms of Shadow Fight 3 can give rise to a truly intelligent, elegant and fun fighting game that I would gladly throw away, but the free assembly system / game / payment injects an unnecessary amount of frustration into the mix.

However, you can still save a lot of time with Shadow Fight 3 without paying; its well-designed system allows Shadow Fight 3 to beat other free fighting games on Android.

  • Application version:5.2.3
  • Compatibility of applications:Android 4.1 and above
  • Price:free in-app purchases

Shadow Fight 3 Shadow Fight 3

Tekken Mobile: the grinding slave

Tekken Mobile was a long-awaited title for several months, but when it finally arrived on Android, fans of the series of long-lasting fighting games were faced with a game very different from the one they were used to.

Bandai Namco's offering for mobile devices is a quintessential mobile fighting game, in the sense that it is a feast of micro-transactions with enough types of currency and statistics in play to give me want to call an accountant to play this game for me.

Sophisticated Tekken series controls have been reduced to a limited directory of tapping and swiping on a 2D plane. Yes, this is a Tekken game that should not be left out, which should say enough to fans of the series.

However, if the mounting and the mechanisms are difficult to envisage, it must be noted that Tekken Mobile is magnificent to watch. The characters look great, the movements are fluid and the set of graphics really takes advantage of what modern high-end phones have This is one of the titles that has been confirmed to take advantage of the Razer's 120Hz screen, for example.

Lacking the depth of play that characterizes the Tekken console series, Tekken Mobile really exploits the strength of its brand. Want to see your favorite characters beautifully rendered on your mobile device? This is for you. But if you are looking for more tactics or challenges in your fights, you'd better pay $ 5 for Street Fighter or even just try Shadow Fight 3 for free.

Marvel Champions Competition: that of team players

MCOC was in many ways the model of Tekken Mobile. The mechanisms for collecting characters of different levels and improving them by correcting different crystal colors are almost true copies. Likewise, real combat mechanisms consisting of typing, dragging and activating special movements works almost the same way.

Like Tekken, MCOC sells this brand strength work, so it seems like the choice here is obvious. If you're in the Marvel universe and want to see Black Widow and Black Panther, you have to go with MCOC, master and expect to be rewarded with the characters you want to play, as well as with enough upgrades to keep them competitive. Or pay real money for a better chance, of course.

However, MCOC has more to do than branding. The multiplayer game has a lot of active players and requires cooperation to meet various challenges with high rewards. As a result, players around the world are organized into alliances, with a dynamic social element based on these cooperative quests.

So if you are more of a team player and like the idea of ​​taking on cooperative challenges with your buddies, then MCOC deserves consideration for your brawler of choice. The community is so active that there are even discussion clients in grass wrapping around the game.

  • Application version:17.2.0
  • Compatibility of applications:Android 4.0.3 and above
  • Price:free in-app purchases

MARVEL Tournament of Champions MARVEL Tournament of Champions

Samurai Shodown II: cuts closer to the arcade experience

This is one for fans of the old school. For decades, SNK has rivaled the famous Capcom, and many of its old arcade titles have been available on the Play Store, including classics such as Fatal Fury Special and King of Fighters 97/98. But for my money (and yes, all that will cost you around 3 dollars per title), the best of the group is Samurai Shodown II.

If you're in the mood for a good fight, don't be put off by the classic graphics. Samurai Shodown II may not have the graphic finish of a title like Tekken, but it retains the deep, balanced gameplay of the original. sense that the processor is still as hard as time, but the only thing that sets you apart from victory is always your own talent.

Although the spirits are showing their age, the characters are still as charismatic and the colorful aesthetic of Ukiyo-e remains attractive and distinctive. If you want to take out the knives, but are annoyed by the frustrations of the Shadow Fight 3 IAP program, you could do worse than losing a few dollars on Samurai Showdown II. If the weights don't suit you and you prefer the good old weapons, then the best alternative is Garou: The Wolf Mark. Don't let the silly name put you off, c 'is good.

  • Application version:1.7
  • Compatibility of applications:Android 2.3.3 and above
  • Price:$ 3


Skullgirls gives an ass kick

Skullgirls mobile, much like its cousin PC, is a fast-paced fighting game with an art style inspired by cartoons and humorous that will be somewhat familiar to fans of classic series like BlazBlue or Guilty Gear. major update which earned him boxes for his balance and depth. I decided to check if Skullgirls mobile was a good brother of the acclaimed PC version.

The freemium mobile version of Skullgirls is a preacher of the main fighting game with a familiar mobile-oriented twist – RPG elements to level up your character, daily missions and story elements to keep you coming back. But as a PC game fan, I decided to try it and I was pleasantly surprised.

Skullgirl's fantastic soundtrack and artistic style make it a winner (the sci-fi animated film meets the gothic art dco style of Batman: The Animated Series), and its amazingly deep gameplay provides a solid core to the game, which qualified players can really enter. Of course, for those without honor, there is an automatic combat mode. You can activate it to take care of basic movements, but if you keep it for a congested subway, Skullgirls offers a frantic feast for the fingers.

There are awesome free gameplay elements in the sense that you will end up constantly improving your fighters and using the game currency to unlock new ones at random. If you are ready to use your favorite characters from the PC version of Skullgirls, this could make you angry.

But having not yet reached the stage where I am tempted to shell out hard earned money, I am impressed to see how much I can get out of the game for free. Compared to other popular mobile fighters like Marvel: Conquest of Champions, or even one of my favorites, Shadow Fight 3, the Skullgirls manage to be less predatory in terms of mounting, while retaining their character and their pleasure.

  • Application version:2.0.1
  • compatibility:Android 4.1 and above
  • Price:in-app purchasesfree

Skullgirls Skullgirls

Mortal Kombat X

This bloody series of video games is also available on Android, albeit in a somewhat limited way. You command combat teams and complete missions in the same way as the aforementioned Marvel Champions Contest and Tekken Mobile. are only available under certain specific conditions. Most often, you will be able to launch X-ray attacks, available only for Gold characters, in which you will see your fighter skull cracking, crushing the pelvis and breaking the hips while freeing all his power.

When you assemble your combat team, you benefit from many advantages for the characters of the same type or the complementary type. When you fight, you can also call on allies to carry out crucial movements.

Longtime fans of the series should be warned that these are not the classic 1v1 matches of the main games, but classic (classic?) Characters from Mortal Kombat and their horrible moves, so if you want to blood, it's worth a try.

  • Application version:1.21.0
  • compatibility:Android 4.0 and above
  • Price:in-app purchasesfree


As an honorable mention, if you like the mechanics of Mortal Kombat X's mobile but prefer to throw yourself into the DC comic book heroes, Injustice 2 effectively uses the same system as MKX for mobile, retaining good graphics but similar PvP gameplay.

Which of these games is your favorite fighting game on Android? Or is there another rival that satisfies your fighting spirit? Step up and let us know in the comments!

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