Best Cydia Sources / Repos for iPhone and iPad

Looking for the best Cydia Sources / Repos for iPhone and iPad? You are in the right place! This post will cover some of the best Cydia rewards available here! If you have a jailbroken device, you’ve probably installed Cydia and are probably using repos. But if you’re looking for some of Cydia’s best discounts, keep reading this post.

For the uninitiated, let’s briefly explain what Cydia is.

What is Cydia? Why so much euphoria around Cydia?

Cydia is like the App Store, the one-stop destination where you will find all the apps that Apple approves to be listed. Cydia is the App Store for all the apps, settings, settings, and features that Apple does not / would not allow on the App Store.

If you’re someone who likes to change things often and want the flexibility to do things you love – like changing the lock screen, dock screen, status bar, etc., Cydia is for you!

Think of Cydia like you would think of Google! All the wonderful settings and apps that you won’t find on the App Store, you can find them on Cydia. Cydia is like Google for jailbreakers.

What can I do with Cydia ?

First of all. Cydia only works on jailbroken devices. That said, Cydia is the gateway to an amazing world of tweaks, apps, settings, features, icons and more, of which you can’t get enough. Here are some things you can do with Cydia –

Applications : There are tons of Cydia apps that are revolutionizing the way your iPhone / iPad. For example, biteSMS changes the way you transmit, respond, forward or handle them.

Themes : Always wanted to change the themes, but never? Finding themes in Cydia can lead you to an amazingly amazing collection of themes!

LS Themes : you can totally change the way your lock screen looks like LS themes. Check out tons of LS themes in Cydia and check out the amazing themes!

Tweaks : Do you want to change the icons? Character font? How about changing the way the lock screen looks? Cydia lets you do all of this and more!

Cydia relies on rests and settings. So, we’re going straight to some of Cydia’s best rests!


Well, this one must be on the list! Considered Cydia’s best source support, this aftermarket account is home to thousands of apps, mods, and themes. And the best part – it’s preinstalled with Cydia! BigBoss repo allows you to change the look of your device. For example, Bloard is an alternative for the white keyboard. Do you want to change the look of the home screen? try Bigifi. There are literally thousands of settings to choose from. BigBoss, no wonder, is called BigBoss.

Source Repo:

F.lux Repo

If you are a fan of F.lux on the desktop PC and want it on your iOS device, then this review is the one for you! F.lux is well known for those who want to improve their viewing experience on iOS devices. In fact, some users have mentioned that F.lux actually performs better than Apple’s own “Night Shift” implementation.

Repo source:


This has to be one of the best sources of Cydia. Considered the best alternative that there is to Installous, vShare is like the app in itself, offering plenty of apps that you can use without jailbreaking your device. The amazing and absolutely amazing Winterboard and Dreamboard are part of vShare.

Repo source:


This one is also one of Cydia’s most popular rewards. Like BigBoss, this comes preinstalled with Cydia and brings you the most popular apps, mods, and themes. Tweaks as BatterySafe make sure your battery survives a strong use , while the applications as BytaFont 2 you allow change the default fonts to exciting !

For more information visit:


If there’s a repo that provides you with thousands and thousands of settings, themes, ringtones, and more, BiteYourApple has to be. This repo is even used for games, cheats and cracks.

Repo source:

ICleaner Pro Repo

Author of two incredible iCleaner Pro tweaks for jailbroken devices, Ivano Bilenchi, has two rests for jailbreakers. The former has stable software versions like iCleaner and iCleaner Pro for iPhone and iPad. The second contains some of the latest beta software releases.

Repo source:


This repo is popularly known as the Cydia Games Repo. You can block ad pop-ups boring installing AdBlocker . It exists also applications as AirBlue Sharing for the sharing Bluetooth. This account features thousands of interesting games organized in different categories. YourTube, Mario, Zephyr, Angry Birds are some of the other popular apps in this account.

Repo source: (Warning, this site launches a security threat, at your own risk)


Another addition to the list of best Cydia sources. The name is misleading. This spare account has no apps that tell you how to bake a delicious cake. But it has some of the best games! Whether Mario or DirtBikeMX , this repo is the place to go for games.

Repo source:


One of Cydia’s main sources, this aftermarket account features an amazing collection of apps to customize your lock screen, folders, status bar, and many more. You can also customize the gesture of apps and icons.

Repo source:


This account contains web applications compatible with native countries and iPhone. It is an App Store in itself, offering a wide range of applications.

Repo source:


Looking for the best repo that cracked apps? SiNful hosts a number of cracked apps and will also allow you to download Installous, vShare and many more apps which will allow you to download lots of other free apps.

Repo source:


This repo is among the best sources of Cydia and offers a wide range of apps, settings, HD themes, utilities, ringtones and much more. Not only that, this repo offers the most recent version of the apps, as this repo is constantly updated. With iHacksRepo, outdated apps are a thing of the past!

Repo source: Add to Cydia

IF0rce Repository

As you probably know, transferring files from iOS to non-iOS devices like Android via Bluetooth is not easy. You can only share things with other iOS devices using Bluetooth. This repo helps you install AirDrop which allows you to share files between iOS and Android devices seamlessly.

Repo source:

There are a lot of other covers that are also good. However, we cannot cover all of the major sources of Cydia. We have mentioned some of the best sources of Cydia that should meet all of your needs. If you know of some of the best Cydia sources that our users will benefit from, please share in the comments section!