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Best Android Apps to Download Free Music

Downloading music seems to be the way to sleep, with streaming services like Spotify and Deezer at the helm. However, there are some ways you might be interested in downloading certain songs to your computer for free when you are offline. So, here we have listed some of the best apps to help you do that (legally).

All of these apps can download files for free. However, remember that just because something is available as a free music download does not mean that the copyright holder’s license is available. There are a lot of free music downloads on pirate sites and you can be sure that they are not legally available, so always make sure you have Creative Commons or Copyleft permission before downloading MP3 files.

Radio Player by Audials: ideal for radio recording

Radio Player by Audials is one of the best ways to download free music that you’ll find on Android, but it’s a bit unusual. While you can download mountains of music with Radio Player by Audials, everything happens appropriately from the radio.

Radio Player by Audials has tens of thousands of radio stations from dozens of countries; you can start playing them almost as soon as you can find them and with a few clicks in its simple menu you can start recording soon.

It is a well-designed, comprehensive app with discovery features, EQ controls, and Chromecast support. In addition, Radio Player by Audials allows you to schedule recordings for an automatic supply of fantastic music to your favorite stations. It is the best app of its kind and a must have for free music fans.

→ Download Radio Player by Audials from the Google Play Store

SoundCloud: better for quality and quantity

SoundCloud is one of the best free music apps if you don’t just want big hits as the app is popular with indie and small artists who download their tracks there for free, with plenty of tracks available for download. . In addition to over 125 million songs, SoundCloud also hosts talk shows, podcasts, mostly audio files.

Every genre of music you could imagine is covered. The free version is mostly made up of independent artists and can be a great way to discover new music or take a look at the next big trend or emerging genre. The big names in cards are also present, but have provided most of their products behind the paid version.

SoundCloud - Streaming Music, Sounds & Songs
SoundCloud - Streaming Music, Sounds & Songs

4shared: best for old school cool

4shared has a huge library of free music. The last time we checked there were 5,965,819 leads. The app allows you to search your large 4shared database for files of your favorite music and automatically filter searches to show only MP3 files. The music you download is automatically added to a 15GB Cloud 15shared folder, available to listen to offline. You can also add your own songs to this folder.

This is a fantastic app for finding classical, non-copyrighted music as well as relatively unknown tunes by emerging artists. The interface has an old school look that will appeal to fans of older versions of Android.

Songily: simplicity itself

Songily is a free application that offers a simple and pleasant interface to search, then play or download the music you want, as long as you have it. Your mileage can vary depending on what you’re looking for and sometimes finding a famous song can give you a host of covers, live releases, and remixes for you to download safely and legally, rather than the official version of the song. ‘album. Nonetheless, there are still a ton of great songs available for free, so it’s worth a look.

RockMyRun: ideal for training

RockMyRun lets you download music for offline playback, or just cache it, which is just as valid (and less likely to exist in a legal gray area). RockMyRun provides DJ-mixed playlists for practice soundtracks and more.

You can match your BPM to your heart rate, filter the length of the playlist based on your workout, or use the myBeat feature to automatically change songs based on your current state. What could be better than custom DJ mixes for your practice style?

RockMyRun - Best Workout Music
RockMyRun - Best Workout Music

Google Play Music: Best for Android Fanboys

This is another of the best Play Store apps for downloading music. Google Play Music is Google’s marketplace for music on Android, but it also regularly offers free songs and albums to download. Google Play Music is also a music player in its own right.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Palco MP3: best for Brazilian independence

Palco MP3 is a free platform for independent Brazilian musicians to share their songs with the world. They currently have a roster of over 100,000 artists spanning a wide variety of genres.

Using their app, you can stream radio stations, organize playlists of your favorite tracks, and download songs to your smartphone to listen to on the go. Whether you’re looking for samba, bossa nova, hip-hop or electronica, Palco has you covered. So dive in and find out what Brazil has to offer.

Palco MP3
Palco MP3

Advanced Download Manager: ideal for fast downloads

Advanced Download Manager allows you to download three files simultaneously, including MP3 and MP4 files. It includes a number of different settings that allow you to customize the way files are downloaded, including limiting the download speed (so as not to use too much bandwidth) and the number of simultaneous downloads. Advanced Download Manager also provides blazingly fast download speeds.

The in-app browser doesn’t make finding free tracks as easy as it could be, but once you find what you’re looking for, downloading the tracks becomes easier.

Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader
Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader

Anghami: best for Arabic audio

Fancy some Arabic music? Anghami targets users in the Middle East, where it serves as a service similar to Google Play Music. But for those of us who don’t live there, it’s a great source of free Arabic songs. The free service is not unlimited and will show some ads, but it is worth supporting in order to discover new music.

Anghami - Listen, discover and download music
Anghami - Listen, discover and download music

Hungama Music: for Indian music

If you are a fan of Indian music of various types, Hungama has what you need. This app has a huge song database (3.5 million) including Bollywood numbers, and songs in Hindi, Punjabi, Gurjurati, Tamil, Telugu, etc. When you use the app for the first time, you get a number of free downloads (20, when we tried), so choose your favorites carefully before determining if you want to pay more.

Hungama Music - Stream & Download MP3 Songs
Hungama Music - Stream & Download MP3 Songs

What is your favorite app for free music downloads on Android? Let us know in the comments.