Best ad blocker for Chrome

Best ad blocker for Chrome

It is good to see advertising on a website from time to time because you can find what you are looking for or something that can be useful. But these online advertisements can become unbearable when, every time you access a website, you are bombarded by advertisements and contextual windows. For this reason, we have listed the top eight ad blockers for the Chrome browser. Once you have installed one of these extensions, you can safely surf the net.

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Best ad blockers for Chrome

Ad Blocker Ultimate

Ad Blocker Ultimate is the most effective free ad blocker installed on your Chrome browser. It does not allow any ad to be displayed on your screen. In addition, there is no sponsorship to pass certain announcements. It also blocks adware, malware and any kind of tracking.

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HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension installed on your Chrome browser developed in collaboration between Tor Project and Electronic Frontier Foundation. To find out how this extension works, follow these steps: HTTPS Everywhere encrypts navigation when you move from one website to another and writes HTTP links to HTTPS links. It will always redirect you to a secure website

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AdBlock is one of the most installed ad blockers for Chrome. In fact, downloads have reached over 220 million since its first appearance. With clear and easy use, it works without your intervention once you have accessed an unsecured website.

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Trustnav ad blocker

Trustnav is essentially an antivirus which offers various functionalities. In fact, it is a plugin for the Google Chrome browser providing an ad blocker and an antivirus. The premium version of this plugin would cost you around 1.99 / month, but it's not available at the moment. While waiting for the update, you can only use ladblocker and it's free. In addition to the features, Trustnav comes with a simple and clear interface. The only problem you may encounter is that Trustnav does not allow the modification of certain parameters.

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uBlock Origin

According to the experience of users after using this ad blocker, uBlock origin is a very effective plugin that does not overload the memory of the processor. This ad blocker is capable of loading more filters than popular ad blockers. uBlock Origin is completely free and comes with a public license allowing anyone to install it on the Chrome browser.

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AdBlocker Genesis Plus

AdBlocker Genesis Plus is a plugin that adopts the same style as the most famous plugins like AdBlock using similar codes. The developers have made this plugin unique. In fact, they deleted the code created mainly for tracking in AdBlock in order to provide more security and privacy to users. Today, this plug-in is used by more than 100,000 Chrome.

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This is another plugin to block tracking and cookies. Like the other add-ons, Ghostery offers its customers the possibility of blocking advertisements. In addition, it blocks trackers on social networks. What makes Ghostery an effective ad blocker is a standard database it has obtained and its ability to connect users to privacy and provide good tracking of spots. It also supports the Chrome browser for mobile devices.

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This Chrome extension does not work like the previous ones, but it can offer you good navigation without generating too many annoying ads. This add-on allows you to block interstitial ads and large ads that you might see on the sites of different companies.

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