Benefits of Electronic Chess Games and Why You Should Buy One

There are a lot of great benefits that you will be able to receive when you decide to buy one. If you are just starting to learn the game of chess, you won’t find an easier way to speed up your game to get you to the next level very quickly.

You can enjoy the different levels of play available with electronic chess games. You will be able to start slowly playing at a lower level and progress to a professional level of play. This means that you don’t have to start getting your butt kicked every time you play and you’ll be able to improve and move around when you start to feel more comfortable.

What is an electronic chess game?

An electronic chess game is a computer-controlled machine that allows you to play chess against it or a real person in real time, face to face or online.

Electronic chess sets have the same look as classic chess sets, but with the built-in power of modern technology, allowing you to record games, stream games live, practice, play online. online in real time, play against a computer, and analyze your games.

So why should you consider buying an electronic chess board?

1. It’s a great way to learn the game

Electronic chess games have become more and more popular and are used in all the major chess tournaments around the world. However, it was originally designed to teach beginners the principles of the game, and there really is no easier way to take your chess to the next level than by teaming up with an electronic board.

By connecting the chess board to your computer, it will teach you smart opening moves and how to avoid difficult mate situations – right on the chess board.

2. It allows you to track your progress

By recording and storing your games, electronic chess boards help you keep track of your progress. It shows you how quickly you are progressing and tackling areas of your game that need special attention.

3. It has many different uses

Electronic chess boards can be used in a number of ways at home, in a club or in a tournament.

  • Online gameUse your electronic chess board as an input device and you can play against opponents from all over the world at online sites like
  • Record your chess gamesRecord your games with your electronic chess board for later retrieval and analysis.
  • Play, train, analyze and studyCompatible with major computer chess software, your electronic chess board quickly becomes your strongest ally as you continue to improve your game. You are alerted to illegal moves and other coaching prompts, freeing you to watch your computer screen.
  • Tournament play and live streamingIf used in tournaments, electronic chess boards automatically capture and play games.

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Electronic chess boards can get expensive, and if you don’t really want to improve your game, it can be a wasted investment.

Fortunately, DGT’s latest addition to their lineup electronic chessboards is specifically developed to bring chess to a wider audience with their more affordable DGT smart board.