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Belgotron competition: the 15 winners are …

Belgotron competition: the 15 winners are ...

On the occasion of the arrival of the iPhone application of the Belgotron game, Belgium-iPhone, you want to win, last week, the classic version of the Belgian-Belgian board game. You have been more than 1,000 people to participate in this contest and we thank you!

Every day, from Monday to Friday, we have offered to win 3 classic versions of the Belgian-Belgian game, here is the list of winners:

Monday 12/12: Roxanne L. (Beclers), Marcelle M. (Hatriva) and Dominique G. (Wavre)Tuesday 13/12: Roger L. (Monceau-Sur-Sambre), Rami D. (Grimbergen) and Tan P. (Anderlecht)Wednesday 14/12: Yvan L. (Brussels), Nicolas W. (Brussels) and Denis L. (Woluw Saint Etienne)Thursday 15/12: Robert B. (Stembert), Maria G. (Ixelles) and Christopher L. (Baudour)Friday 16/12: John D. (Tubize), Thuan D. (Ixelles) and Brice R. (Baelen).

Once again, Belgium-iPhone thanks all those who tried their luck, congratulates the 15 lucky winners and gives hope to all the others by announcing that new competition actions are planned very soon!

Finally, Belgium-iPhone thanks its partner Belgotron and strongly recommend Internet users to download immediately their new iPhone app to improve their knowledge of Belgium!