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Belgium-iPhone wishes you happy holidays!

Belgium-iPhone wishes you happy holidays!

On this Christmas eve, the whole Belgium-iPhone team wishes you a happy New Year! Thanks to you and your support, Belgium-iPhone is the leader of iDevices news in Belgium. Every day, you are more than 15,000 people consult our information and we would like to thank you for your loyalty.

2011 was a particularly emotional year. On the one hand, this year marks a new milestone in the arrival of new products that are still just as exciting, and on the other hand, the death of Steve Jobs undoubtedly marked the beginning of a new era for the Cupertino company.

Anyway, the year 2012, it is already looming as a new year rich in announcements and twists and turns. To this end, Belgium-iPhone will not fail to continue pursuing its mission of remaining at the forefront of informing you, on a daily basis, of all iDevices news, tips, our application tests and our accessories test reviews and what , without forgetting our many contests where you are always more numerous to participate and win!

This new year, we have the desire to spend it with you: we give you an appointment, every day, on our website, on our iPhone app, sure our Facebook page and our Twitter account.

The whole Belgium-iPhone team wishes you a great holiday season.