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Belgium-iPhone unboxes the iPhone 4S box

Belgium-iPhone unboxes the iPhone 4S box

The writing of Belgium-iPhone was able to get a copy of the new iPhone 4S. While waiting to find the full test of the device that we will offer you in a few days, here is already the box release of the new device!

First feeling after a few minutes of use: unable to recover the iCloud backup that was intended for its predecessor with regard to applications and settings (ouch!). It will take time to reorganize everything … Synchronization in iTunes will therefore be necessary to recover all the content more quickly. Furthermore, we were able to test Internet browsing for a few moments, the pages are displayed much faster! Finally, the Siri application looks very promising! We realize that we may finally get started with iPhone voice recognition more easily. See you in a few days (it will not be too long) for our full test of the fifth generation of the iPhone!

If you have already tested the iPhone 4S, while it will be officially marketed in Belgium on October 28, don't hesitate to give us your first feelings.

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