Belgium-iPhone Team Interview: Dabedoo – Belgium-iPhone

Today we continue our series of interviews members of the Belgium-iPhone team. As a reminder, it consists of presenting “the pillars” of the team, in view of their activities on the forum, their patience helping the members, always responding within the shortest possible time and above all bringing this site to life, it had become high time to give them back tribute and especially to let you know them under a different angle!

It’s a person’s turn very active on the forum since the beginning of Belgium-iPhone, a person whose personality is the most charismatic of the members of the team and we will not forget to quote his humor to second degree which has an excellent atmosphere on the forum. Some find him playboy (he often appears tanned with his sunglasses on his avatars, nldr), others find him a mysterious side. You will probably guess, it is Dabedoo.

Character interview:

B-i: Could you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Dabedoo: Dabedoo, 43, divorced but in a relationship for almost 4 years. I have 2 children with my ex-wife (a girl of 10 and a boy of 8 years old, I studied cinematography but computer science (hard and soft windows only) and music (composition) are my main activities and hobbies.B-i: How did you come across Belgium-iPhone?

Dabedoo: In September 2007 I fell for an expensive iPhone at Covema because a brief presentation with them made me understand that the future was there before me, Having quickly understood that they had cracked I hastened to do research on the net to find out how they got there and it was after a brief stint on Hackintosh that I came across Belgium-iPhone, I was thrilled because the first tutorials were better explained, the atmosphere was good, it was Belgian and of course I stayed there!

B-i: Tell us about your “role” within the team?

Dabedoo: At the beginning I was content to help people in distress as well as there was a lot so the tutorials were long and hard to accomplish, This is no longer the case now thanks to the work of Calvin, Bidier, Sambenny, Fxpicsou, etc. It was then that I started to scan the net for information because I have a big fault: I like to be aware! , So I try to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to news and especially to share it through our nice blog / forum. Today I must admit that I am a little less present on the side of technical problems but the search for information and the writing of articles is sometimes long and tedious.B-i: Some people on the forum find you a certain “mysterious” side, could you explain it?

Dabedoo: Mysterious? It is indeed the first time that I read about myself ,,, I know that some members sometimes call me mocking and / or acid while keeping a certain sense of humor, But mysterious, frankly I do not see!

B-i: Explain this passion for the iPhone to us?

Dabedoo: This phone is simply awesome and marks a new era in the world of communication, It is far from perfect but it can only get better, I still happen to handle conventional key phones but they do full cost figure of the iPhone. But it is especially the versatile and customizable cost of the iPhone that attracted me, the fact of being able to add games and applications and being able to transform its appearance thanks to the themes. And then frankly, at the beginning, what did we catch by drawing this G!

B-i: Regarding the precious, are you rather hardware or software?

Dabedoo: In life I am rather hardware (computer) and I do not back down when I have to peel a device to find the failure, On the other hand for the iPhone and more particularly the first generation, I quickly learned that this device did not open like a jar of Nutella, So I preferred to abstain from it and leave this work Calvin and Fxpicsou, our 2 service mechanics.

B-i: How do you find this patience to respond to members “in distress”, especially when it comes, sometimes, to repeating themselves 10 times !?

Dabedoo: I have very little patience to tell the truth, especially with members whose IT background is very poor, I force myself sometimes when I see that they really do not succeed but it is clearly not my main quality.

B-i: Do this motivation always come from being able to find information?

Dabedoo: Since my childhood I have always been fascinated by technology and everything that flows from it, I used to hang out in specialized stores in order to see and touch new products. My room was full of audio devices and speakers, I kept this high-tech geek cost and the net allows me to stay informed of everything that comes out, So I accumulated a lot of sources of information that allow me sometimes to have a certain lead on other blogs.

B-i: How do you find the atmosphere on the forum?

Dabedoo: Rotten! No, frankly I find it very good, it's a band of friends who take great pleasure in sharing their passion for this phone, I spend a great time with the staff in general but also with the members, C 'it is clear that I sometimes lay a manifesto in Mac is beautiful style posts or put a member in his place when he exceeds the limits but it is my personality.

B-i: Are you in a rush to see a new version of the iPhone?

Dabedoo: And how! I never understood well those who are not for fear of ending up with an old model, I believe that we will be entitled to it this year because the 3G begins to show a certain technological delay compared to the competition.

B-i: Freshly named in the Belgium-iPhone team, what were your first feelings during this appointment?

Dabedoo: As the Oscar winners claim: So I did not expect it! It is a nice reward anyway, I prefer orange to green (not to mention the pink that I was made wear for long days (Miss Belgium-iPhone contest, editor's note)).

B-i: How do you think the site should evolve?

Dabedoo: Difficult to say, the mobile telecommunications sector is evolving so quickly that it is difficult to predict any future for our site, I will let you answer this delicate question Alex.

B-i: Will you be present at the Activation Party this Saturday?

Dabedoo: According to what I read on the forum it is time that I pointed out! So yes!

Thank you for this Dabedoo interview!

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