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Belgium-iPhone comparison on joint sales: all the benefits for the consumer!

The joint sale of the iPhone with a hard limit subscription may well sink again lots of ink and for good reason! The Council of Ministers finally approved the bill on the subject (our insert of this July 10)… This state of affairs has obviously plunged us into the offers currently presented to operators in our neighboring countries and we did not hesitate for a second to present a comparison in terms of total cost between the offers linked to a subscription and the same offers with us, without any subsidy compared to the base price of the precious that we know today …

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In order to keep some among the offers, we made this comparison using the average user as a basis; this means the consumer who phones, sends messages, and still uses the mobile internet for their daily needs! All this while trying not to exceed the bar of 50 euros subscription monthly! As for the contracts, they all relate to a defined period of 24 months!

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At a time when Europe encourages competition in all areas, we are still far from the count right now in our Belgium! Based on the figures obtained above, here is an overview of what the average consumer fate in fine from his pocket every month to use his iPhone:

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While our Italian neighbor is doing well on a small budget of 37 per month all inclusive, we here in Belgium are almost pay double price!

The appearance of subsidized sales in our territory should be of the most beneficial for consumers that we are even if there is little chance of seeing such attractive prices with us! Indeed, the Belgian market is a significantly different model where the effects of the dominance of the leading Belgian operator (Proximus) are still felt today! For example, the rates applied to Mobile Termination Rate ((connection fees that operators charge each other for calls ending on their network) are still far too high in our country; Result: it is the end consumer who pays the price!

Obviously, this comparison of the average user is not directly aimed at people who use their iPhone mainly to send SMS or to surf the net! For these, current offers such as those of Viking mobile ((MVNO) are much more advantageous! Indeed, for 15 recharges per month, you are entitled to one hour of calls, 1000 SMS and 1Gb of access in Mobile Internet (in mode EDGE for the time being)!

The implementation of the joint offer in Belgium will further boost competitiveness with operators while leaving the choice to the consumer who wishes, for their own reasons, to buy their smartphone at full price and without any subsidy!

Finally, and not least, the bill approved by our Ministers is accompanied by certain elements in order to best guarantee consumer protection. For example, an offer will be recognized as unfair, and therefore prohibited, if it relates to an excessive length having kept the price reduction to the purchase granted (iPhone sold 1 with monthly reimbursement except price!)

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