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Belgacom TV Everywhere available on the App Store

Belgacom TV Everywhere available on the App Store

Accessible initially for Android users, the Belgacom TV application everywhere is now available on the App Store. Available in Dutch, the French version should not be long in coming.

Expected since early July, the new Belgacom “TV Partout” application is finally available on the App Store. Available initially in a Dutch version (the French version should not be long), the TV Partout application provides access to 180 channels (term and with bouquets), free Belgian football, a TV guide, a recording function (PVR) (coming soon) and a catalog on demand (1,300 films). Remember that users will be able to take advantage of this new service free of charge, currently being tested until October, via a Wi-Fi connection or via 3G on Belgian territory (beware consumption of around 500mb per hour, according to our tests ).

The main features:

– Television streaming.

When you launch the TV Everywhere app, you have direct access to live streaming. Just click on Play to launch the TV content. On the right, you will find a list of channels (with the current program) which will allow you to zap while scrolling. Relatively simple to use.

– Films rental.

Second interesting feature, the possibility of having access to a catalog of films to rent. The prices are similar to those charged on Belgacom TV and the service provides access to the rental for 48 hours.

– A TV program.

Finally, the app proposes to find the television program of films and missions currently in progress or those to come in the coming days. The program lists several categories (children, music, sports are only listed for the moment).

note that the application does not yet offer the possibility of launching or programming a remote recording. This functionality should arrive in the coming weeks. Remember that the TV Partout service is on a trial period until October.

Our opinion : like the TV Everywhere app for Android, the one for iOS provides excellent image quality. During our test this Friday morning, the application sometimes crashed when navigating through the different menus. We also noted that the information flow reserved for the TV program sometimes takes time to update. Small faults which will certainly be rectified over time. In any case, TV Partout turns out to be a promising service which will allow Belgacom TV customers to find their TV content in a rather practical way! Be careful however if you plan to use this service in 3G, it may cost you very expensive if you do not have an adapted subscription. (200mb of download per hour according to Belgacom, 500mb per hour according to our tests!)

Belgacom TV everywhere is accessible free of charge on the App Store (reserved for Belgacom TV customers who have subscribed to e-Services on the Belgacom site).

Belgacom TV Partout (NL) for iPhone.

Belgacom TV Partout (NL) for iPad.

Our video test:

Updated 07/30/2011 : Belgacom TV Partout is now available in French:

Belgacom TV Everywhere for iPhone.

Belgacom TV Everywhere for iPad.

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