Belgacom tests its future "Wi-Fi Calls" application

Belgacom tests its future "Wi-Fi Calls" application

Belgacom has made the “Wi-Fi Calls” application available on the App Store. This application, which uses a VoIP service on the FON Wi-Fi network, is however in the testing phase.

AC | The evening

It is very discreetly that Belgacom made available its new application "Wi-Fi Calls" on the App Store. Obviously, the application is still in the testing phase, it is only accessible to a thousand customers who can express it. However, the latter must have subscribed to one of the two packs “Comfort with Generation MTV 12 and Belgacom Internet Partout” and / or the same pack with in addition “Belgacom TV”.

This new app – which could be renamed by another name – will allow you to call Belgian numbers anywhere in the world for free and without limit. Calls that can take place from the 500,000 FON Wi-Fi stations everywhere in Belgium or from the 5 million stations belonging to the same network, all over the world. The principle of the “Wi-Fi Calls” application is somewhat reminiscent of that of applications using a VoIP service such as Skype or iNomado. It remains to be seen whether in the long term, the operator could not change his strategy and finally charge this new service which, let us remember, only works under a Wi-Fi network and not 3G.

Contacted by our editor, the Belgacom press service has not yet wished to answer our questions concerning this new application.

If you already want to download the app for free, it's this way.

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