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Belgacom launches its new mobile portal


In view of its end of partnership with the portal Vodafone Live, Belgacom has just launched its own mobile portal which will serve to carry its own Internet brand. The objective of this transition is to be able to offer access to this mobile portal to all mobile Internet users, regardless of their operator.

From now on, the Internet user will be able to connect to the new Belgacom portal directly via the address The internet user will be offered many services such as news, sports, finance, weather, etc., represented in the form of icons reminiscent of those found on the iPhone in particular, he explains. we at Belgacom.

“Despite 300,000 unique customers who connected Vodafone Live each month, it did not allow them to fully play the competition card”, reports Sbastien Scarmure, head of mobile applications at Belgacom.

Thanks to this new portal, the operator's customers Proximus will also be able to check their Mobile Internet consumption using the tool e-services.

Discover screenshots of the new Belgacom portal below.

We discuss it on the forum.

[Photo credit: Le Soir – Dominique Duchesnes]