Beginners: How to leave the full screen mode on Android KitKat?

Beginners: How to leave the full screen mode on Android KitKat?

Google introduced on the new Android version 4.4 KitKat a new mode called full screen, or immersive mode. Your applications can now be displayed in full screen without being loaded by the notification bar. But this can sometimes be daunting for a beginner: how can I return to a normal mode if the back button is gone?

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Some users are wondering how to go from immersive mode to normal mode. I will take here the example of the game Badland, where the full screen has no key "Quit". Android introduces a tutorial on first-time use of full-screen mode to show how it works. But for all those who would have passed this step, or who would have the short memory, here is how to do.

To exit the full Android mode KitKat, simply swipe to the right for landscape mode, or down for portrait mode. This gesture will bring up the menu buttons, like the ordinary one, and you will then be able to leave the immersive mode!

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The menu bar rapparat when one sweeps the screen with the finger (for the landscape mode). / AndroidPIT
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