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Before the keynote, Tim Cook travels to China


Posted: March 25 2019
Updated: March 24, 2019

by Steve

China, this incredible country! This millennial architecture, this imperial history, these factories of Apple suppliers as far as the eye can see! Tim cook, CEO of the apple brand, sees the Chinese market as a veritable gold mine. So much so that at the announcement of a drop in sales of its iPhone at the end of 2018, the Californian leader announced a whole series of measures with the aim of reconquering China: lower prices at certain resellers, announcement of a iPhone XS red specially for China, etc.

tim cook chine - Before the keynote, Tim Cook goes to China

But Tim Cook doesn’t want to stop there. While a keynote focused on the services of the Cupertino company will be broadcast tonight via the Internet, the leader went to China in order to meet Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan. The two leaders talked about education, with the possibility of partnerships (iPad in the classroom, for example, or the Swift language taught to the youngest).

Tim Cook also visited the Forbidden City, to promote applications that “help people around the world to learn more about Chinese culture.” And of course, the CEO also attended a Today at Apple music event in the Wangfujing Apple Store. Tim Cook is said to have returned yesterday or the day before from China, to prepare for the keynote event this evening. Hope he doesn’t speak Chinese during the Apple Video presentation!

tim cook Sun Chunlan - Before the keynote, Tim Cook goes to China