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Battery Doctor 6.19

Battery Doctor is a great free app that can extend the battery life of an Android device. We particularly appreciate the analysis of energy-consuming apps, the different energy modes and optimization at a glance. Big black dot, the pop-up advertisements are too numerous and are even found on the lock screen!

How to save battery?

Battery Doctor is a free Android application for improving the autonomy and the battery charge of an Android smartphone or tablet. It offers a comprehensive overview of applications that consume too much, the characteristics of the battery and the possible savings.

Its features in detail

00C8000008777226-photo-battery-doctor.jpgThe flagship function of Battery Doctor is its optimization in a single gesture which makes it possible to analyze and stop the execution of applications consuming resources, therefore energy. The app is however criticized for ending certain important processes or applications.

Other tools available include a mode for cooling the battery, allowing the user to know the current temperature and the applications that may heat the device. A mode also offers the possibility of optimizing the charging time of the device in 3 steps.

Several energy saving modes are also available: By default with background process cleaning when the screen turns off, Long life expectancy which disables data services including WiFi and a mode Eve which disables all network functions of the device.

Its grip

The application offers a simple interface, translated into French and which incorporates beautiful animations. Note however the excessive number of pop-up advertisements and the integration of the app in notifications and in the lock screen.