Batman: Arkham Underworld available everywhere on iOS (including France)

Batman: Arkham Underworld available everywhere on iOS (including France)

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batman-arkham-underworld ipa iphone ipadBatman: Arkham Underworld (Game, iPhone and iPad, v1.0.186912, VO, 409.3 MB, Game Center, iOS 8.0+, Warner Bros.) is the 11978th ​​game with the image of the bat raised hormones but beware, it is special.

It was presented when we spotted it in soft-launch, Batman Arkham Underworld proposes to play the villains, to change. With a Clash Of Clans style, this new batman allows you to form bands of superheroes who will conquer enemy territories with a certain class. The title is beautiful, dynamic and free at the start.

But the most interesting thing is that you have to become the meanest villain in the city of Arkham. The dark side should seduce the fans, right?

In addition to recruiting from the DC Comics band, it will be necessary to create the ultimate hideout, protect it with traps, security, etc. The evolution of the characters has not been forgotten and the success he had in the Philippines (in soft-launch) is a very good sign.

The only problem is that it weighs nearly 500 mo!

PS: the title is compatible with Apple Watch to track its progress, nice!

• CHECK iconic DC Comics such as the Mystery Man, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and more!
• BUILD the ultimate criminal lair for you and your henchmen.
• Crush your enemies and ATTACK their territory in action-packed PvP raids!
• GO on the streets of Gotham City as you earn respect and expand your empire.
• COMBAT during intense missions developing history in the different neighborhoods of Gotham City.
• INCREASE the level of your villains and unlock new skills.

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batman-arkham-underworld ipa iphone ipadbatman-arkham-underworld ipa iphone ipad