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Barcode Scanner3.53

Practical, efficient and free, Barcode Scanner is a must-have application for quickly accessing download links found on many Android software libraries, including Clubic’s. To discover without delay !

The QR Code or QR Code is extremely practical. This two-dimensional pictogram can store much more information than “traditional” barcodes. Created in Japan and very popular in Japanese countries, it can be used to share the contact details of a contact in a virtual business card, the date and time of an event, an email address, GPS coordinates, a phone number, text and of course an internet address. The latter is the most commonly used solution in Android repositories, such as Clubic’s, to redirect readers to a download link in Google’s Android Market. To make your life easier, Clubic invites you to discover an efficient and free QR Code reader for Android phones!

Barcode Scanner will allow you to quickly read QR barcodes in Android. Practical, it will be very useful to download the software presented in the Clubic Android software library directly to your Android phone. The set offers a very childish use. After launching the application, all you need to do is target the QR Code with the lens of your phone and place it in the center of your screen in the transparent rectangle. The camera will automatically focus on the image and the red line will flicker. Less than a second later, the software will tell you the stored web address and offer to open it in your browser, share it by email or send it by SMS. To access the Android Market, all you have to do is click on the “Open browser” button.

In addition, it will offer you the possibility of scanning the traditional bar codes present on commercial items. Although the image analysis is a little slower, the process will prove to be practical to compare the prices of CDs, books or video games with “Google Shopping” but also to access product presentations and user reviews on the Internet.