Banned content on Facebook: that’s all you shouldn’t post

Facebook has revealed what content you cannot post on the social network. From photos of your naked children, photos in which you see a female nipple except for an exception or confess to a crime: none of this is allowed in Mark Zuckerberg’s RRSS.

The increase in fake news, hateful content and harassment on social media has led Facebook to tighten control over the content posted on its platform over the past year.

It became clear that an algorithm could not do all the work to remove or censor inappropriate content. As a result, many companies have increased their team of human moderators, and Facebook workers have new rules to follow.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company published a report on the platform itself explaining what content is not allowed on the network and what it should do when it detects it, which is usually the same as removing it.

Facebook prohibited content

Let’s see what content you can’t post on Facebook:

Pictures of naked children (including your children)

While Facebook admits that many parents share photos of their well-meaning naked children, those images can be used inappropriately by other people.

Photos of female nipples

Only allow images where a female nipple is seen when they are relied on (eg during an outbreak), breastfeeding, or scarring after mastectomy. This includes the nipples of girls over 3 years old.

Doubting the truth of a victim

Calling a liar or claiming that a victim of a tragedy does not tell the truth in exchange for money is also not allowed.

Confess a crime

You can argue about the legality of criminal activity but not confess to a crime.

Try to buy drugs

Buying and selling of drugs on the platform is not allowed. This includes expressing interest in buying them or asking if a person has.

Be insensitive or cruel

If you despise real people, making fun of their physical disabilities, illnesses, disabilities or untimely death, your post will be deleted.

Nothing bare butts

You cannot post a photo of a naked ass unless it is on a public figure with photoshop.

Encourage violent behavior due to the outcome of political elections

It is also not allowed to post content in which you promote violence or violent activity after political elections.

Exposures of sexual activity

Unless it is for humorous, satirical or educational purposes.

Hate speech or incitement to hatred

Any language that initiates hatred is banned on Facebook, although it does allow such comments when they are humorous and social or when they try to raise awareness or educate others, always with restrictions and the intention is clear.

These are all the content that is not allowed to be posted on Facebook as of now. I can say that this is a good initiative from the Facebook team.

What do you think of these content restrictions? Is there anything else you want them to add to that?