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We noticed that a lot of users were having trouble with iMessage. As a reminder, this is a new feature implemented by Apple in its iOS 5, which allows iDevices users to send messages for free between themselves. This can be found directly in the SMS. When you send a message, your device will, by itself, detect whether or not, your contact uses a device named iOS 5. At that time, your “Send” button will change from green to blue as in the photo above, and in the text field, you will find “iMessage”.To activate iMessage on an iPod, iPad or iPhone, go to Settings, Messages, check iMessage. You also need a “server” where to receive your messages, so you must go to Settings, Messages, Reception and add a new email address. So, thanks to iMessage, you will therefore be able to know whether or not your contact has received, or read your message. For that, it is very simple, under your sent message, you can read the status of it! Please note, your contact must not have disabled the option in their settings! So you can send text, photos, videos and create a conversation with others! It also works in WiFi.

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