back on Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Since last April, it is already possible to replay Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox One, but this is only done in China, thanks to a partnership between Square Enix and Microsoft which allows access to the title from the Cloud.


It was on the store that the title was spotted, suggesting that it will indeed be released on Xbox One. Square Enix did not comment on the facts, but the publisher could thus prepare the return of one of the most profitable episodes of its favorite saga, in particular the fact that it was declined in three parts (with however opinions mixed on the last episode).

We do not currently know if Square Enix intends to offer the three titles of a block (FF13, FF13-2 and FF13 Lightning returns). The question also remains whether the game will benefit from a facelift or not … The PC version was particularly polished and the title is still visually interesting, even for new generation consoles.

If the title was spotted on Xbox One, Square Enix could also decline it on PlayStation 4.