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Available on iOS and Android, Babbel is the mobile version of one of the most famous online language learning software. The application first invites you to choose the language you want to work from among the 14 available, and to indicate your age range. You then have access to several hundred lessons, divided by level of difficulty or by theme (specific activity sectors, telephone conversation, social life, etc.).

Each lesson alternates various types of exercises: pronouncing words, finding or writing the correct translation, completing a dialogue, etc. It is by combining these different approaches to language that Babbel pretends to make you progress. Other lessons complete the offer, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, oral expression or the country’s culture.

The program includes a review tool, available offline. It allows you to review the vocabulary words on which you have encountered difficulties. It’s up to you to repeat the exercises or to test yourself by finding the translation of the words that the application suggests.

The interface is fluid and the graphic care given to each lesson contributes to making the experience pleasant. Too bad that voice recognition sometimes makes its own, being in turn too demanding or too lax.

The free offer is very limited, limiting you to the first lesson of each course. To take full advantage of the program, you will have to pay 9.95 euros for a single month, or 4.95 euros per month for 1 year of commitment.