AxBx announces Cyber ​​Security offer for French SMEs

If you do not know AxBx, know that it is the only company to offer a 100% French antivirus solution on the market with Viruskeeper Ultimate 2015 of which we had offered you a complete test recently.

axbx2In addition to this, the group which specializes in security is already a partner of large structures, in particular the Ministry of Justice, IBM, La Poste, La Caisse d'Ă©pargne … with offers ranging from software design security through audits.

Today, AxBx is launching a new dedicated offer called Cyber ​​Security PME specially addressed to French structures.

Faced with the resurgence of online piracy, big brands are no longer the only targets and more modest structures are becoming the target of various attacks. It therefore becomes crucial for Small and Medium Enterprises to protect their infrastructure.

The service offered by AxBx is comprehensive and includes:

  • an automated and highly secure backup system
  • an antivirus / antimalware protection solution for workstations and servers
  • a hardware firewall to protect the local network from data intrusion and theft
  • a smart card authentication system to replace passwords
  • consulting, installation, updating and maintenance services.

The advantage of the service is in particular its ability to adapt to the structure and its income. In the form of a subscription, the service is offered from € 95 per month and, once again, AxBx emphasizes the 100% French aspect of the technologies deployed.

For any additional information, you can contact AxBx directly by email at