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Avoid repeated requests for password recovery

Apple ID

Recovering from an Apple ID account can take several days, but there are certain operations that users should avoid in order to avoid the risk of permanent deletion of their Apple ID.

Apple ID

It can happen that everyone forgets their Apple ID password. In fact, Apple is providing users with several ways to restore accounts and access to legitimate owners. However, Apple must also ensure maximum security for these accounts by activating various procedures to complete the operation.

In a new support document, Apple recommends that users try to reset their password from another device. If this fails for any reason, the password recovery request must be made via This process can take several days. Apple explains that it will be stopped if the user makes repeated password reset requests:

If you sent the account recovery request from via the browser on your device, you should avoid using this device during this period. The use of this device could cancel the recovery of the account.

To avoid delays, turn off your devices until the account recovery is complete. We know this can be very uncomfortable, but it's important to protect your account and information.

In addition, the company recommends that no further requests be made. Otherwise, you risk that Apple will simply delete your account.