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Avast Mobile Security

With convincing ergonomics and a rather simple use (even for all comers), Avast Free Mobile Security is a great success with features that are far from obsolete. We particularly appreciate the application manager, privacy, filtering calls and SMS and, of course, avast! Anti-Theft. A recommended product, recommendable but also, and above all, free!

After AVG, LookOut, Norton or ESET, McAfee and Kaspersky it’s the turn ofAvast! to enter the smartphone market by revealing Avast Free Mobile Security; false good idea? In view of the services offered, perhaps not.

Indeed, in addition to the scan service apps and SD card on your smartphone, Avast Free Mobile Security offers :

  • A privacy manager, allowing you to control which applications transmit or your location, or your identity information or allow access to your messages or contacts,
  • A application manager which will tell you the CPU, memory and thread consumption of the applications running on your machine while allowing you to “force them to close”,
  • A web agent, only available in the default Android browser,
  • A firewall (only accessible in “root” access capable of blocking or unblocking the connections of your applications,

There remain two other functionalities, the most interesting and the most important. First, the call and text filtering proposes, as its name suggests, to create filtering rules by group, input or output (calls and SMS), by day (read, Tue, Tue, …) and by date. You can add to this group one or more numbers from your address book, a personalized number or even indicate that you do not wish to receive calls from hidden or unknown numbers. This feature can be quite useful if you entrust your smartphone to your child or to limit their communication on their own mobile.

Finally, Avast Free Mobile Security provides you, via an additional installation, with the app Avast! Anti-Theft. “Hidden” by changing the name of the app, it allows you to lock your phone remotely, locate it or even clean the memory of it. This third partyAvast Free Mobile Security can be installed in normal mode or in root (administrator) which will prevent any uninstallation even during a reset of the device. A real insurance for the happy owner of an expensive smartphone.