Avast makes free for business

Avast makes free for business

Individuals already widely aware of the free antivirus offered by Avast. According to Opswat's report on data collected between October 1, 2014 and January 2, 2015, avast! Free Antivirus and with Microsoft Security Essentials the most popular antivirus. The scope of this study should however be put into perspective since it is based on 4,000 Windows users whose devices are equipped with the Opswat Gears tool.

This free model, Avast has decided to transpose it to the enterprise by proposing for small and medium-sized enterprises a security solution called Avast for Business. There had already been a try but only for very small businesses.

Avast for Business actually consists of a free database based on the general public antivirus with also the analysis of threats related to the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, a management console from the Web, an alert and reporting.

Avast-for-Business-console-managementThe solution is compatible with Windows and OS X. Mobile compatibility is coming soon. Avast puts forward a solution managed in the cloud and easy to use like its product for individuals.

For more advanced security features, it will be understood that this is a matter of premium and therefore paid services. In particular: firewall, virtual environment for transactions, sandbox, anti-spam, data destruction, Exchange and Sharepoint protection.

The publisher also has other ambitions for this year including a program for suppliers and distributors of managed services, the formation in the spring of an advisory board to get closer to its partners and meet their needs.