Autopilot: Tesla will launch a Fully Autonomous Driving subscription in early 2021

The boss of Tesla announces on Twitter the arrival of a Fully Autonomous Driving subscription from 2021. This formula should allow more people to take the plunge by allowing them to spread the payment of the option over a year, or even to -of the.

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Credit: Unsplash

Currently only available in beta in the United States, the Fully Autonomous Driving option is billed for a whopping $ 10,000. A significant sum, especially when you have already spent several tens of thousands of euros to acquire a vehicle of the brand. At this price, the Tesla customer can be among the first to live out Elon Musk’s promise of a future where cars drive from point A to point B on their own. However, it should be noted that in most places where the option is available, the driver’s attention is always required. The regulatory framework still needs to evolve.

Obviously, under these conditions, opting for Fully Autonomous Driving is a bit like rushing to the first foldable smartphone. It is to have a little bit of the future before its time, even though it is not yet fully accomplished. Under these conditions, we understand that there is reason to hesitate to pay 10,000 dollars to activate this feature – as promising as it is. And this is even more true when you take advantage of a leased Tesla. @Padgeuk, a tweeter, challenged Elon Musk on this question: “@Elonmusk could you make it possible to pay for the Fully Autonomous Drive option on an annual basis? It does not make sense to buy the Fully Autonomous Driving as I am leased ”.

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The entrepreneur’s response was not long in coming. Within an hour of the post, and in his usual very blunt style, Elon Musk replies: “absolutely. We will be launching a Fully Autonomous Driving subscription early next year ”. So that means Tesla will launch this subscription in early 2021. Elon Musk’s response was followed by an avalanche of comments. Because obviously, said like that, the entrepreneur does not really give details on his promise. There is in particular the question of the passage from the subscription to the payment of the rest of the option: will it be possible to pay for the cheaper option after a few months, like a sort of trial period? paying? Will it be possible to transfer this option from one vehicle to another? We hope to know more in a few weeks!