automatic transcription of voice messages

Facebook is desperate for users to switch widely to its messaging app. To do this, the firm had already split its mobile application into two parts, the social network on one side, messaging on the other.

Facebook messenger auto transcription After this forced switch, Facebook is putting on the features to adopt its messaging system, and is currently testing an automatic transcription module intended to facilitate communications and speed up the exchange of messages.

Available from a handful of users at the moment, the module allows users to communicate in writing or by voice message. The interlocutor who receives the voice messages can choose to listen to them or take advantage of an automatic transcription in writing.

"Our goal is to test this functionality on a small scale at the moment and we are waiting to see what you think before making the experience more widely available" says David Marcus, director of the mobility department at Facebook.

We suspect that for the moment, the transcription is only available for English. Facebook has not communicated on the origin of the voice recognition tool, if it is an internal Facebook production or an already known solution, but its use marks the first step in the development of the voice assistant promised by the social network, which should soon compete Siri, Google Now, or Cortana.