Augmented reality: Apple is still working on connected glasses

Lunettes AR Apple Concept - Réalité augmentée : Apple travaille toujours sur des lunettes connectées


Posted: April 25, 2017
Updated: April 25, 2017

by benjamin

The first serious rumors concerning the development of connected glasses of augmented reality by Apple appeared at the start of the year during the last Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) in Las Vegas. Last week, the site Gizmodo has released documents relaunching rumors about future connected glasses manufactured by the brand with the apple.

The documents in question are said to be from an incident report compiled by an Apple health and safety contractor. The report was accidentally sent to several employees of the Cupertino company, and Gizmodo would have got hold of this one. More than 70 incidents are reported in this report.

AR glasses Apple Concept - Augmented reality: Apple is still working on connected glassesTwo incidents captured the attention of journalists at the specialized site. These relate complaints from two Apple testers who each tried a different prototype of connected glasses. However, the documents do not provide any details on the product in development. The complaints cited discomfort and pain in the eye.

Augmented reality is a concept of great interest to Apple. The American giant, through its CEO Tim Cook, has already expressed its intention to develop devices with AR support in the future. As a result, the Cupertino company may well be working on glasses currently connected.