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Audiosurf soon on iOS – Belgium-iPhone

Audiosurf soon on iOS - Belgium-iPhone

The creator of Audiosurf announced this weekend a new episode of his cult series, already playable on iOS but not yet official on the platform. In all likelihood, Audiosurf Air will soon be released on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Audiosurf is without a doubt one of the most popular “Indie” franchises of recent years. The app is like a mixture of musical and racing games in which you steer a ship that takes a kind of road strewn with obstacles. The road “moves” following the rhythm of the song in progress, providing unique playing sensations.

Yesterday, its creator announced that a new edition called Audiosurf Air was in the cards and already compatible with iOS. He has not yet confirmed his release on iDevices for the moment, probably waiting for the validation of his game. Anyway, all this suggests that Audiosurf Air should land very soon on the 'App Store, to the delight of fans of the series!

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(Source: TouchArcade)