"Attitudes zaines", the angry Wallonia-Brussels campaign

"Attitudes zaines", the angry Wallonia-Brussels campaign

Perhaps you have seen it briefly, this new campaign against unhealthy eating by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. “Attitudes zaines”, that's her name, is a campaign that has been talked about a lot on the web, and for good reason since the message it sends is no other than that you have to eat well to succeed in life, relegating the "big" to the state of rats. Aimed mainly at a very young audience, and take “in the second, even in the third degree", Says the press attachment from the cabinet of the Minister of Culture, the advertising campaign did not last long on the canvas, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation having decided to erase all traces of its passage.

This is the story of an apple, eaten by a young and talented teenager representing Steve Jobs in his garage, who will change his life by allowing him to fulfill all his dreams. Beside him, his young partner, whose diet consists mainly of crisps and sodas, will pass next to all the delights of life. Money, power, pretty women will remain an inaccessible fantasy for the young Jean-Claude, condemned to miss his life because of his weight and his food.

The message of this new campaign from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation is angry, it is a fact. Within a few days, the office of the Minister of Culture received numerous complaints about the “Attitudes zaines” campaign. "It was intended for a teenage audience”, However, explains Aurore Dierick, press attaché to the cabinet of Minister Fadila Laanan. "The tone was offbeat and caricature, the message had to be more impactful to mark young people"She adds, before outbidding"It is to take in the second, even the third degree. " It is very clear that the Federation did not imagine such strong reactions among the public.

Currently, the clip has been scheduled. Do not look for it on the web, it does not help, there are only a few copies saved by methodical users on Youtube. The rest were all suppressed by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, as if nothing had ever happened. Aware of the situation, the team will “assess complaints, meet internally and decide whether to continue or not."As you probably don't know, this video was just the first episode in a long series. The second wave, scheduled for late May, will attack tobacco this time. On this subject, the press secretary said half words that it would undoubtedly be much softer.

"It really wasn’t the purpose to make anyone suffer”Admits Aurore Dierick. "The decal clip was produced by a decal director because the message is much easier to reach a young audience when it is funny and fresh.”The parody of Steve Jobs (and co-founder Steve Wozniak?) Seems to have touched a lot of people and got the message out about junk food. Remain present to see if the public will give him a second chance.

And you, what is your opinion on the matter?

Report by Etienne Froment for Belgium-iPhone

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