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attachments saved in OneDrive

For its messaging service, Microsoft announces the deployment in progress (not everyone is served yet) of a "Save to OneDrive" functionality. Its goal is to offer a simple way to manage and save email attachments directly in the OneDrive cloud.

Surprisingly, this was not yet the case and was the subject of a recurring user demand to which Microsoft has just responded favorably. What therefore fill a gap compared to Gmail and Google Drive.

Clicking on "Save all to OneDrive" will add all attachments to a new OneDrive folder dedicated for this purpose. These files will then be accessible from any device, without going through the inbox of


Via a drop-down menu, it is also possible to save each attachment individually in OneDrive rather than operating in batches.

Outlook-SavetoOnDrive-2And of course, attachments can always be downloaded not in the cloud but locally (including grouped in a zip archive). Not everyone has full confidence in the cloud yet …