At Xiaomi, you have to draw letters in the air to open apps

Image 1 : Chez Xiaomi, il faut dessiner des lettres dans les airs pour ouvrir des apps

Image 1: At Xiaomi, you have to draw letters in the air to open apps

Xiaomi is testing a new version of its interface. The “3D Air Gestures” function allows you to open apps by drawing letters with the phone. This beta version is already available in China. One of the new features is the “3D Air Gestures” function. The user will access his applications by drawing letters in the air : M, W, C or Z. A video posted by an employee on Weibo provides more details.

3D Air Gestures seems to work perfectly

The principle is simple: draw a letter in the air to open an application. However, before performing the gestures, you must unlock the phone. In the video, we see the owner realize a C to launch the sensor. Then a W allows him to open TikTok and Z a video sharing application. It is not known if the user can select his favorite apps or if the manufacturer will set them by default.

According to specialists, these movements would exploit the data provided by the accelerometer and gyroscope. While expected, Xiaomi would have its own tips, but it remains silent for the moment. Furthermore, it is not yet known if other devices than the Mi 9 are affected.

Beta testing will end towards the end of this month. Even if the 3D Air Gestures function is confirmed, owners outside of China will still have to wait a few weeks before being able to use it.

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