At least one ApplePay activation at Crdit Mutuel!

At least one ApplePay activation at Crdit Mutuel!

Crdit Mutuel (and CIC) customers are two steps away from picking up the ApplePay Holy Grail, as announced in early December. The Crdit Mutuel Massif Central has started to open the floodgates of the activation of bank cards for its customers, as is the case for Tristan-Sacha who was able to register his MasterCard and pay with ApplePay thereafter, from his AppleWatch.

Beyond Crdit Mutuel Massif Central (CMMC), this is good news for the whole of Crdit Mutuel: unlike Crdit Mutuel Arka which decided to live its life outside the historic grouping, the subsidiary of Massif Central has joined the National Confederation of Credit Mutual on January 1.

By switching from Arka to Crdit Mutuel at a very short notice, the CMMC had to switch its 112,000 customers to a new bank, while remaining in the old one. An acrobatics that required new IBANs, bank cards, checks, identifiers and passwords If ApplePay deployment within the CMMC new formula is in progress, this is not yet the case among classic Crdit Mutuel customers. Fabien, client of CM Strasbourg, received negative messages while trying to register his Visa and MasterCard:

on the left, the MasterCard displays a slightly more engaging message than on the right (Visa card), which gives the impression that Crdit Mutuel does not support Apple Pay at all.
The general conditions for the MasterCard, just before the error message.

Typically, official ApplePay activation takes place on Tuesday. Maybe good news next week?