Asus Zenfone 3: 7 tips and tricks to get the best out of it

Asus Zenfone 3: 7 tips and tricks to get the best out of it

Over the last year, Asus has launched a series of terminals running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Having this update is not an option for all users, even though the features on the Zen UI interface work well on some ZenFones running Lollipop. I used ZenFone 3 to find 7 tips to better help new owners of the device who want to maximize their user experience.

1. ZenMotion

ZenMotion is a kind of center that combines all the touch and gesture functionalities. By accessing this option in the settings, you can execute several commands on your terminal, such as opening the browser by drawing a W on the screen.

ZenFone 3 ZenMotion
ZenMotion can make your life easier. AndroidPIT

You will also find a one-hand mode in this menu, where you can resize the system interface, which allows you to better handle your smartphone in certain situations.

2. Keyboard settings

The keyboard on the Zen UI has several customization options. It is possible to change the color, the appearance of the keys, the writing parameters and even to download new dictionaries. My favorite feature: an option to resize your keyboard, and I always had a soft spot for smaller keyboards.

You could find this option by going to Quick Settings> Input Languages> Zen U KeyboardI.

ZenFone 3 Keyboard
Now you can adjust your lenvi keyboard. AndroidPIT

Download Asus Keyboard on your Android device (for Android version 4.2 and higher).

ZenUI keyboard
Install on Google Play

3. Customize your home screen

Finding the Zen UI customization tools for ZenFone is very easy. Just slide your finger up and down on the home screen, and a menu with a few options opens.

It is helpful to become familiar with each of these options by clicking on them to get a better idea of ​​the menu, since many of them are not accessible from the system settings menu. It is possible to resize icons and dicnes, find screen transitions and change many of the visual aspects of the system.

ZenFone 3 Manage Homescreen
Customizing your home screen for the ZenFone 3 is very easy. AndroidPIT

Experience Zen UI on your Android device! Download the Asus launcher to your device (for Android 4.3 and higher).

ZenUIRapide launcher, smart
Install on Google Play

4. Personalized settings

This option is in the system settings. With it, you can add features like sensors and biomtric data. For example, the multitask feature can be active to take screenshots when you keep your finger on the smartphone for a few seconds.

ZenFone 3 Custom Settings
Customize your settings on ZenFone 3. AndroidPIT

With this setting, you can also customize the shortcuts on the application bar, which may include many unnecessary options for some users.

5. Fingerprints

The fingerprint reader has not proven itself yet, but adds a security feature in addition to that which would not be achieved by buying apps or unlocking our device. Like most of its competitors, Asus has included an option that allows more features to be added to the scanner: for example, answering calls or accessing the camera. However, the ZenFone must have a fingerprint reader.

ZenFone 3 Fingerprint
Fingerprint readers: an extra means of security. AndroidPIT

6. AppLock

Go to the personalization menu (see Tip 3) and you will find an option that allows you to block applications one by one with a clean password. This can be very convenient for some users, and it makes it difficult to download an application that only supports this option. It works with any application installed on your ZenFone, and you only need to add a 4-digit password.

ZenFone 3 AppLock
Protect your most popular apps with AppLock. AndroidPIT

7. Mobile Manager

The Asus Mobile Manager is a utility similar to Clean Master, DU Cleaner and other DU Speed ​​Booster. It can clean your cache, your data and optimize the memory of your smartphone. One of the most interesting features in this optimization center is the data usage part, which controls data consumption over WiFi and 3G. Thanks to consumer graphics, it can be used by users who wish to save on their data plan.

ZenFone 3 Mobile Manager
Mobile Manager helps you both manage your battery and data consumption. AndroidPIT

If this latest application interests you, it can be downloaded from the Play Store (for Android versions 5.0 and higher).

Mobile Manager
Install on Google Play

The overlay Asus is not very well organized, in general, but with these subtle settings, you can make the interface of your terminal more functional. These options will enhance your user experience and go beyond a simple customization or mockup of your system. This gives you the opportunity to operate your fingerprint reader for something else, or add extra protection to the applications you use the most.

Have you already tested all these tips on your ZenFone 3? Are there other things you have discovered and want to share? Share it in comments below.

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