Asus U: everything in finesse and elegance

Asus U: everything in finesse and elegance

Image 1: Asus U: everything in finesse and elegance

Lightweight and above all very thin, the Asus U series laptops arrive to compete with the Dell Adamo and other X-Slim from MSI.

Light detection and finesse

Available between 12.1 inches and 15.6 inches, this new range offers a total of 7 different machines. Teasing the thinness of X-Slim, not everyone is equal. Besides, only the UX30 manages to be thinner by 1.5 mm. Weight is also a workhorse of the U series which concentrates between 1.6 kg and 2.56 kg.

Asus has paid particular attention to the finish of its machines while adopting a design approaching that of the high-end Eee PC. Futuristic, it even leaves room for a glass plate which is deposited on the screen of the machine. In fact, the entire surface is covered like an iPhone. In addition, the U-series PCs have a light sensor which automatically adjusts the backlighting of the panel according to the ambient light.

Economic (in ULV) and complete

On the technical side, Asus only uses Intel processors on this range. There are therefore Core 2 Duo or Solo as well as ultra low consumption processors (ULV). As standard, each machine will have up to 4 GB of RAM (DDR2) and a hard drive of up to 500 GB of disk space. By cons, no Blu-ray player provided for these machines.

A simple DVD player will do the trick. The thinnest of U’s, the UX30, will have an external optical drive. Finally, note that Asus mixes the brands of graphics cards in its U series. Thus, there is a U80V with a Radeon HD4570, others with a GMA 4500MHD or even a GeForce G105. Whatever card you choose, they are all suitable for use in high definition. The prices of these machines will range from € 879 to € 1,099. Outing planned for the end of June.