Asus and Samsung to work on upcoming Chromebooks

Asus and Samsung to work on upcoming Chromebooks

Image 1: Asus and Samsung to work on the next Chromebook

Samsung and ASUS launched two Chromebook models for the mid-range market earlier this year. But, users will likely be able to enjoy a premium version of the Samsung Chromebook Pro and the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 in the near future.

After presentation of Google’s 2-in-1 Pixelbook laptop, ASUS and Samsung decide to prepare high-end models of their Chromebooks. No difference should however be significant in terms of the appearance of the two new devices since the real changes take place in the configurations of the two devices. The Intel Core M3 processors and the 4 GB of RAM integrated in the two laptops will indeed have to be replaced by Intel Core M7 processors and 16 GB of RAM, according to Chromeunboxed.

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ASUS and Samsung will be able to be very competitive in the high-end laptop market with this improvement. The price should also remain below 999 dollars for each of the two models to better convince users against the Pixelbook from Google.

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