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[Astuce] iPhone: use the Bokeh effect on older models

iphone bokeh e1476195206463 [Astuce] iPhone: use the Bokeh effect on older models

With the iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.1, users can look forward to a new Bokeh portrait mode allowing them to create a superb blur effect on their photos (see iOS 10.1 beta 3 is available for developers!) . Find out how to get this effect on older iPhone models.

There are two ways to get the right amount of light to properly adjust the exposure level of a photo. The first is to adjust the shutter speed, the second to change the size of the aperture. The wider the aperture, the more light the lens receives and reduces the depth of field.

A tip for the Bokeh effect on old iPhone

Despite opening at f / 1.8, the iPhone 7 automatically offers the right focus. thanks to its tiny sensor. The only exception is for photos where the focus is set on a very close object with a distant background. In this situation, even the oldest iPhone can achieve a bokeh effect with a blurred background.

Unfortunately, this trick does not work for portraits of people because they will be too far from the camera. This technique therefore lends itself perfectly to photographs of objects or plants.

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