Astronauts on Facebook Live ... or not

Astronauts on Facebook Live … or not

Some of your contacts may have been talking about this since the beginning of the week: they would have watched a live Facebook feed organized by the ISS astronauts.

We thus saw astronauts, pieces of space station, Earth in the background … Everything seems real, and the height is that everything is really … Despite everything, a doubt remains: the stream is not directly shared by the NASA profile but simply refers to it.


To perfect it all, the stream is broadcast synchronously from several Facebook pages … Proof that this is indeed a live stream? Unfortunately no.

A quick tour of the NASA site did not plan any live from the ISS at this time. So what's going on? By browsing the NASA videos, we discover that the flow claiming to be live was recorded a year ago already. Besides, fans of everything related to NASA and space will have recognized the scene and the protagonists.

It must be said that when it was launched, the Facebook Live application only allowed content to be launched from the dedicated application installed on its mobile. But since then things have changed, and it is possible to broadcast recorded content via an API. Clearly, it becomes simple to organize this type of hoax … which here was undoubtedly used to make the buzz and try to inflate the likes on the pages which diffused the contents.

NASA makes good use of the live features of social media to transmit live video, and this has never posed any real technical problem. Moreover, astronauts are more and more oriented towards social networks, the aim of NASA being to make its missions as popular as possible to weigh more with the American government when negotiating its budgets.