Asstagram: reveal your butt on Instagram!

Asstagram: reveal your butt on Instagram!

A new phenomenon is underway on the Instagram application: the one where you have to publish photos of your buttocks on the social network. A phenomenon that has its name found everywhere: Asstagram.


The Instagram app continues to be talked about. And it's a curious phenomenon, to say the least amusing, which is currently causing buzz on the social network recently bought by Facebook: the one where its user (or rather its user, let's be reassured!) Takes care of taking its posterior photo and then publish it through the app with the hashtag #asstagram. Suddenly, the most beautiful pictures published on the social network are found on a website specially designed for this purpose. Posteriers of all kinds parade there accompanied by one of the famous aging effects offered by the application. What happiness … Eroticism seems to settle in the small world of Instagram. Recall that a first operation consisted, recently, of revealing her chest (with the hashtag #Boobstagram) and was supposed to be a call for breast cancer screening. This second wave, "Asstagram", therefore has no medical purpose but purely aesthetic. A phenomenon that is not likely to please Facebook, now the owner of Instagram, recently bought for a billion dollars. Indeed, in the regulations of the social network, a rule stipulates that it is prohibited to publish nudity, partial nudity or suggestive sexual photos. A rule that is visibly little respected.

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