Aspire S7: test of Acer’s first tactile Ultrabook

Aspire S7: test of Acer’s first tactile Ultrabook

Ultrabook and high end

Image 1: Aspire S7: test of Acer’s first tactile UltrabookAfter an efficient and affordable Aspire S3 praised by the critics and an Aspire S5 at the very least innovative with its hidden connectors in a robotic hatch and its high-flying performance, Acer renews the Ultrabook experience at the end of the year with theAspire S7, a resolutely top-of-the-range model which will not fail to make ink flow.

Before we leave her S7 for our test, Acer wanted to present it to us. It was also an opportunity for the Taiwanese manufacturer to put the points on the I. It is no longer a low-cost manufacturer. It was already true with the previous ones Ultrabooks, it is even more so with the S7 whose basic price is fixed at 1400 euros. “For the entry level, we have Packard Bell”, we are told. Acer therefore wants to fully enter the big leagues. But in this space, there is no room for bad finishes and degraded performance. With its high price, the S7 must be perfect.

Plastic, plastic and aluminum

Image 2: Aspire S7: test of Acer’s first tactile Ultrabook

THEspiral S7 wants to be a high-end device with foolproof performance and design. When you are in front of it, the first glance is encouraging.

Clean and fine, it displays with a lot of elegance. Its finesse is quite appreciable. Unlike its competitors, it is equal over the entire depth of the machine while not exceeding 12 mm.

Its materials bring back a little to reality. No, it does not display a debauchery ofaluminum. Here, this metal is only present inside and on the frame (beware, it is sharp). The rest is simply plastic. In addition, not all gray parts are made of aluminum. The cooling system grille on the back of the S7 is also made of plastic, but is adorned with an imitation aluminum color for the harmony of the frame design.

Some finishing problems (on our test model)

Image 3: Aspire S7: test of Acer’s first touch UltrabookIf by far, theAspire S7 exudes honesty, you have to get a little closer to discover another side. Some of its finishes are not worthy of a PC at 1400 euros.

Its cover is made up of a shiny plastic plate encircled by aluminum. To combine these two parts, Acer seems to have used a rubber which acts here as a seal. Well, the result is not the best. In places, this joint comes loose. To others, it does not even reread the plastic slab with the aluminum edge. We will also note some adjustment problems on the lower part of the hull, but it is quite secondary.

This first overview is therefore not the most pleasant. Fortunately, Acer makes up for it with a variety of connectors and some good surprises.

A well-stocked package

Two USB 3.0, one minijack, one SD port and one microHDMI, so far we have not revolutionized the Ultrabook. No, where Acer succeeds it is with the accessories supplied with the S7. Three dongles are present in the box : microHDMI to VGA and HDMI as well as USB to Ethernet. In addition to that, when you delve into the package, very well developed in passing, you also discover a bluetooth mouse already paired, a wipe for the touch screen and a pouch of a rather premium style.

No need to return to your dealer, Acer has already put everything in the box. An idea that Asus had already had with its Zenbooks and which has a very good effect.

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Image 4: Aspire S7: test of Acer’s first touch Ultrabook