Ashton Kutcher: the ideal Steve Jobs?

Ashton Kutcher: the ideal Steve Jobs?

The first photos of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs in the Hollywood biopic appeared on the web last weekend. We can see an Ashton Kutcher in a turtleneck who seems to have perfectly taken on the role of young ambitious business man who will one day become one of the most respected men in the United States …

Is Ashton Kutcher the ideal actor to interpret Steve Jobs in the biopic currently filming Los Angeles? At the sight of these first shots, taken last Friday in Los Angeles, everything suggests that Ashton has perfectly taken on the role of young businessman in turtleneck Steve Jobs. The two photos put side by side above show a disturbing resemblance between the two men.

If we don't know more about the feature film, everything suggests that the director of the film seems to want to do everything possible to produce a feature film as close to reality as possible. As a reminder, the film Steve Jobs will be released in 2014 on our screens and will resume the key moments of the career of the founder of Apple, from his hippie youth to the founding of Apple in 1976.

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(Source: TMZ)