As expected, the Citroën C3 is compatible Carplay

As expected, the Citroën C3 is compatible Carplay

citrob-n-select-occasions ipa iphoneIn the automotive world, transformations take a little more time, because a car is conceived in the space of a few hours.

On the side of Citroën, we are on time for CarPlay and competing solutions. The new C3 is the last proof, with the first images released yesterday.


This city, equipped with AirBump on the sides, will be available for sale next November and in addition to CarPlay, its control screen will be compatible with MirrorLink and Android Auto.

In addition, an HD camera at the front will take great angles … as well as short videos in case of an accident. Rather interesting as integration.


Otherwise, here is also some technical information, thanks to Cocoricauto, the site at the origin of this leak:

"The dimensions: 3.99 meters long (while the C4 Cactus measure more than four meters), 1.75 meters wide and 1.47 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.54 meters, and a turning radius of 10.7 meters is announced. In addition, Citroën announces that the luggage compartment has a capacity of 300 liters. The car will be available in two-tone, and you will have the choice of nine colors for the body and three for the roof. A panoramic roof is in the game. But the big news is elsewhere. "