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Artists leave Spotify for Apple Music to get better pay


Posted: April 10, 2019
Updated: April 10, 2019

by Steve

Yes, Apple is always more expensive than the competition. Just go to an Apple Store and then compare the prices of iPhone with the prices of Xiaomi Mi Note from a Mi Store to realize it. However, it may also be that Apple redistributes wealth much better than its competitors. At the moment, an expression is on everyone’s artistic lips: the Copyright Royalty Board. Kezaco? It is a standard that makes it possible to remunerate artists and content producers. It would allow a 44% increase in their income!

But some global groups believe the increase is far too high to accept. So, Google, Amazon, Pandora and Spotify are among those companies that oppose the Copyright Royalty Board. Apple, on the other hand, is for this increase. One way to pretend to be the good of history, too.

spotify apple 1 - Artists leave Spotify for Apple Music in order to be better paid

But the decision of Spotify, which counts a lot for the small artists, relatively little renown but who can take advantage of the Swedish giant of streaming to make themselves known, is likely to scare away those who want a fairer remuneration. Thus was born the hashtag #cancelspotify: many artists have decided to leave the platform and publish on social networks a lot of messages that are necessarily very tender to the brand.

To show how bad the PR war is, many authors cancel their Spotify subscriptions and do so publicly on social media, where they make sure to note that their subscription fees will now go to Apple Music “, Can we read in an article in Variety. The war is (again) on.